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Shinty a Scottish sport mostly in the Highlands of Scotland mcleanscotland introduce you to the game.

Shinty is one of the fastest, most physically demanding and skilful sports in the world. Played on an outdoor surface that can be up to 155m long, shinty is about two teams of players striking a small leather ball with a curved stick, known as a caman. With the ball being hit around the field of play at speeds of over 100 miles per hour, a game of shinty is a thrilling experience for both players and spectators. Shinty evolved in the Highlands of Scotland, but is now played (by children, men and women) in other areas of Scotland, England and in the United States - testament to shinty's growing appeal. It is a mans sport, you dont see guys wacked then roll over as if they are dying, like you get in poofy footballers! The Camanachd Association is the governing body for shinty across the world. Based in Inverness, Scotland the Association is focussed on working with member clubs to develop a game that is enjoyed by an increasing number of participants, of all ages and abilities both on the field of play, and off. OBAN is where Paul comes from so naturally, he supports the Oban clubs; Oban camanach and Oban Celtic (of course). Oban camanachd club was formed in 1889. One of the earliest shinty clubs to date. Oban camanachd has 4 teams, Camanachd, Lochside Rovers, Camanachd u17 and u14

The annual clash between Scotland and Ireland: Scotland's native game of shinty versus Ireland's native game of hurling. Shinty is among the fastest, most physically demanding and skilful sports in the world, with the ball exceeding 100mph. Scottish emigrants to Canada played shinty on ice in winter, giving rise to the game of ice hockey. Best yet again in Ireland! For my mum!

THE CAMANACHD ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP WINNERS I am a wee bit biased here as I have only shown when my hometown won!  Oban of course.

1933   Oban 3, Newtonmore 2, at Keppoch, (after draw 1-1, Fort William)
1937   Oban Celtic 2. Newtonmore 1, at Keppoch
(after draw 2-2 at Inverness)
1938   Oban 4, Inverness 2. at Oban
1949   Oban Celtic 1, Newtonmore 0, at Glasgow
1954   Oban Celtic 4. Newtonmore 1, at Inverness
1960   Oban Celtic 4. Newtonmore 1, at Oban
1963   Oban Celtic 3, Kingussie 2, at Glasgow
1996   Oban Camanachd 3, Kingussie 2, at Inverness

oban in red and black

Oban Camanachd is one of the oldest Camanachd clubs currently playing in the Shinty leagues of Scotland, they are currently competing in the Premier League. They have a reserve team called Lochside Rovers who play in South Division 1. Established in Oban, Argyll in 1889, the club has always enjoyed competition against its great local rival, Oban Celtic  Oban Camanachd won the Camanachd Cup most recently with victory over Kingussie in the 1997 final. Nonnie Macinnes was Captain on the day, but the game was most notable for the performance of Gordon MacIntyre who had made a miraculous recovery from the loss of an eye that year to score the winning goal.

Camanachd Association Office,

Alton House, 4 Ballifeary Road, Inverness  IV3 5PJ  

Telephone: 01463 715931